How to Safely Store a Gun in The Living Room

While gun safes are the ideal storage solution for guns, you have more alternatives than one. In the case that your life is in great danger and you need to be able to access your gun whenever necessary, you need to come up with a more accessible storage space.   This could include installing a gun safe right next to your favorite recliner chair. Chances are, when you really need your firearm, you won’t have any opportunity to open your safe. Once trouble occurs, you only have limited time to prepare. It’s the reason why most shooters opt to store their guns in sneaky and unconventional places around their house. These are places where nobody would think to inspect. A perfect of these places is the living room.

To conceal a gun, you can hide them in:

Air conditioning units

If you’re familiar with “Dexter” TV show, you are aware that the air conditioning unit can be a safe hiding place. It has a deep enough space to accomodate a gun. You may utilize a false or functioning air vent to do this task.

Fake flooring

Trick your intruders by hiding your gun under wooden floors. Select an inconspicuous area like one that is near a wall. Then, make a cut which is not noticeable to allow you lift the floor anytime you need it.

Under your recliner or couch

If you have recliner or couch at home, you can remove the fabric on its underside. Under it, you’ll have enough room to keep larger firearms. On the other hand, if your furniture is made of leather, you won’t need to get rid of the fabric to make this technique work. Put a coffee table or an ottoman in front of the spot to make it more secured.

These tricks will make easier for you to defend yourself and your home in the face of great danger. Just be sure not to tell anyone where you are hiding your guns.