Every time I remember my son, I always remember the way he woke me up in the morning. His laughter, his naughty gestures, his comforting kisses and warm hugs – I miss everything about him. It hurts to think until now that I lost him in a gun accident. This is sad talk, but I know a lot of people are suffering as I do.

Our son, Jacob, was visiting a friend when it happened. They said that there was a loud bang in the attic. They found my son with a shot on his chest. He accidentally shot himself because he thought the gun placed in the box was one of his friend’s toys. He did not survive the shot.

It was tragic. I feel so helpless and depressed. I wasn’t able to protect my own son during that accident.

The accident brought too much pain and frustration to me and to my husband. It came to the point that it almost ruined our marriage. But at the end, we’ve managed to overcome this situation through the support of our family and friends. We are now starting our new life, learning to accept the incident. However, we both promised that our son’s death would not be in the van. Thus, I’ve decided to launch this website that aims to promote gun safety awareness.

I no longer want to see other children meet the same end. It’s everyone’s right to own a gun. However, gun owners owe it to themselves and to the people around them to be responsible in using it. I can’t emphasize the importance of gun safely enough, but I will try. In this website, I’ll be providing tips and other useful information regarding this matter.

Be involved!

For gun owners out there, if you want to live safely and happily with your family, don’t hesitate to join and support this advocacy. It won’t hurt if we’ll cooperate to safeguard our loved ones from gun-related accidents.