My son is the best gift I’ve ever received. He was seven years old on the year the accident happened. He was curious about everything, and I loved that about him. Sometimes, he would ask me things I didn’t even know the answer to. However, I like to believe that I had encouraged him to continue asking. He would break old phones and radios to see what’s inside them. I would not reprimand him as I know it was part of his learning experience. I never thought back then that this same curiosity which made him so special as a child had led to his end.

The day it happened, my husband and I had to attend a company party. He was recently promoted to Managing Director in a popular advertising agency in town. We had to leave Jacob to his friend’s house. They only live 15 blocks from our home, and we’ve known the family for years. We felt that Jacob was in safe hands. He had stayed there twice before.

If I could turn back the time, I would not have gone to the party at all. However, there’s no use thinking about what could have been.